AMV # 17 - Status: In Process

As some of you who read my regular journal know, I started a new video yesterday (or actually midnight of today, but close enough). It's for Pretear and to Jessica Riddle's Even Angels Fall.

As of now, I am at the 50 second mark. Not bad, considering it took me til just an hour ago to cut the clips for the series. ^^

AMV # 16 - Status: Complete

I did it. I made a Scryed Video. Or at least I will have if the program will ever get it's thumb out of it's ass and save the movie file for me. *sigh* It's all done, I just have to check timing marks and what not. >_< You'd think my computer would be nicer. I defragged it today. But it was actually meaner than usual during the video making process. And anyone who's heard me rant about it before knows that my computer can be a pain during the movie making stuff. x_x Grrr. SAVE ALREADY! >_< *tries again*

Anyway, here's the specs -

AMV # 16

Title: Wings of Zetsui
Song: Hero, Spiderman Soundtrack (One source says it's by Nickleback, so I'll stick with that until I hear otherwise)
Series: Scryed (episodes 21-26 only)
Details: The video focuses on Ryuhou only. Originally was going to have it on Kazuma, but... Ryuhou's honestly more visually appealing in 'combat mode' than Kazuma is. Also with Sherise and Mimori and everything, and the fact that he has an Alter like Zetsui, it fits him better. This video is pretty simple, in terms of there isn't a lot of work that really had to go into it. The hardest part was manually cutting the clips. The Gate Keeper vid, while a pain, was easier to actually put together, so I tried it again. I think it worked well. It also went fairly fast (and left out a lot of footage I'd wanted to use) because it's only a 3 minute song. Wish it had been longer. I had a lot more clips to use!

AMV # 15, Status: Complete

Title: None Will Be Saved
Music Source: VNV Nation, Kingdom
Video Source: Gate Keepers

Comments, I am REALLY happy with this video. It took a lot of extra work (I had to crop every SINGLE clip individually @_@) but I think it was well worth it. It's a big bunch of eye candy. *_*

AMV # 14 - Status, Complete

Series: X TV (1-24)
Song: Sarah Brightman, Dust in the Wind

Need help picking a title. Narrowed down to three.

Feathers for Dust (for the excessive use of Feathers in X -- though this doesn't fit completely, because I also use actual dust, glass, metal shards and sakura for the 'dust')

Everything Is Dust

Nothing Lasts Forever


Well, the Seki Tomokazu project is being scrapped for now.

Instead I have two ideas.

One is a Vash/Meryl AMV to The Cure, Love Song

The other is a multple anime comedy AMV to Food, Glorious Food, from the Oliver Swift musical. Think Miaka and Yukito. n.-

May scrap them too. It all depends. n.n

New Project

This project may be cancelled, but I am now planning to do a AMV to various animes based around one theme. A tribute to Seki Tomokazu and his various works as a seiyuu. It will be done to one of his songs (not decided which yet).

It will use footage from the following:

Fushigi Yuugi (Chichiri & Kouji)
Fruits Basket (Kyou)
Infinite Ryvius (Ikumi)
Weiss Kreus (Ken)
Ayashi no Ceres (Alex)
Card Captor Sakura (Touya)
Himikoden (Masahiko)
Vandread (Bert)


Evangelion (Touji)
Gatekeepers (Reiji)

I've never tried an AMV like this before, so it may not work out, but the idea is there and I'm going to try it.